Complexity Explorer

Posted on by Brandon Klein

 Complexity Explorer is a web-based repository of educational materials related to complex systems science. Currently under development by researchers and educators at the Santa Fe Institute and Portland State University, Complexity Explorer will host SFI’s online courses, as well as an extensive complex systems glossary and easily searchable databases of syllabi, citations, and other resources related to complex systems topics. Complexity Explorer will also host a “Virtual Laboratory” consisting of open-source simulation programs illustrating complex systems ideas, theories, and tools, accompanied by curricula designed for both teachers and independent learners who want to take advantage of these simulations. All content of the Complexity Explorer website will be open to anyone.

The Complexity Explorer website is currently hosting SFI’s first online course, “Introduction to Complexity”. During 2013 other components of the site will be rolled out as they become ready, and the user community will be solicited to submit additional materials for inclusion.