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Posted on by Brandon Klein

Enhance Your Mobile Application with Real-time ID Scanning and Verification

NetVerify Mobile is designed to help reduce fraud, save time and costs associated with KYC requirements and create great customer experiences.

Netverify Mobile is a unique solution that allows you to authenticate your customers’ identities using their IOS and Android smartphone cameras. Netverify’s real-time ID verification reduces the risk of fraudulent activity, while significantly saving time associated with the confirmation process and reducing associated costs with KYC requirements for your mobile service or online community.

You can seamlessly integrate Jumio’s ID verification technology into your iPhone and Android applications to confirm a customer’s identity based on government issued IDs from more than 60 countries. How it Works

Within your app, customers tap the integrated “scan now” button to activate their smartphone camera and securely scan an image of the front and/or back of their document to complete a registration or application process in seconds. Jumio’s proprietary technology scans, validates and extracts the customer data and passes it to you in the format specified. All customers ID data is made available to you in your Client Portal. Your customers enjoy the security of having no record of the scan or personal data is stored on their mobile device. Once the document has been scanned and validated you and your customers receive feedback if the scanned document has been accepted for submission. This eliminates the costly and time-consuming process of manual documentation required for submission and verification.