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TextFlow Document Comparison, Reviewing & Redlining

TextFlow is an online document comparison tool for generating easy-to-read change reports from MS Word or PDF documents. Free Trial Box of TextFlow Compare



Typical Users

Law Firm with 1-25 employees

Free Trial Available

Example output Features & Benefits PDF and Word Comparison

Compare up to seven text-based PDF or MS Word documents, generating a redline change report as a PDF. Finds All Changes

No changes missed, TextFlow shows you every change to your documents. See Changes in Context

Easy to read and comprehend each change in context. Images and Tables

Highlights changes to images and tables in your documents. Change Summary

Gives you statistics about how your documents have changed. Advanced Change Detection

TextFlow finds insertions, deletions, rewordings and moved text. Change History

Obtain the entire history of everyones changes, step-by-step. Learn More Multi-party Changes

Clearly presents changes made by every party, allowing you to see who made which change and how each change affects the document. Learn More