Reamaze | Simple Helpdesk for Small Businesses

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Cloud Helpdesk. Made Easy.

Lightweight, Lightspeed Support. Through Email. Facebook. Twitter. Try It Free 5 Minute Setup Poppen-bnw Mark Poppen Design

I've tried quite a bit of support desk apps, but when we got in on Reamaze, I stopped looking for alternatives.

Multiple Channels, One Home

Support extends beyond email. Take the conversation to users. Channels Transparent To Your Team

Your team can respond to every type of conversation straight through their own email.

Reamaze handles the complexity of sending it to the right social network or email address. Deliver Happiness, Simply.

All the bells and whistles. None of the fuss. Response Templates

Help your team respond faster using templates shared by your team. Collision Detection

Avoid sending colliding responses to the same thread. Even through email. Tagging

Use tags to easily find and categorize your conversations.