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Posted on by Brandon Klein

 Every marketing message has a purpose: Engage your customer and persuade them to act.

Throughout the marketing funnel, from acquisition to conversion and onward to cross-sell, up-sell, retention, and loyalty, you repeatedly ask your customers to respond to you.

Across all digital channels, including email, paid search, landing pages, on-site and in-app messaging, mobile and social, one thing remains constant: Your marketing language defines the quality and the volume of the response you receive.

Using advanced statistical techniques, a large semantic database, and structured maps of buying emotions and product features, Persado generates the marketing messages that work best for your products, your customers,and current market and selling environment.

Our managed SaaS platform integrates with your existing workflow and marketing software in order to test and deliver the best messages across all digital channels and every stage of the customer life cycle, exactly as you deliver them today.  We’ve packaged enormous intelligence and power into the Persado platform, and tested it over years with demanding enterprise customers on several continents.  The result is as powerful as it is simple to use. In many cases, the differences in your messages are nearly indistinguishable to the eye – but the change in performance metrics and financial outcomes can be dramatic.

We offer full-service and highly integrated approaches, designed to fit with your existing marketing technology, your current processes, and your staffing.  Persado consistently delivers superior results to the largest and most sophisticated digital marketers worldwide.