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Posted on by Brandon Klein

Launch like a startup, scale like an enterprise
Apigee is freemium and self-service. Launch your API today on the same product that runs the world's largest API programs.
Expose any data or service as a well crafted API
Transform any data feed, web service, or 3rd party API into robust, intuitive APIs that app developers will love.
Productize and monetize APIs to drive revenue
Create custom bundles, service tiers, and other API products that support unique business terms and monetization models.
Safely open your data with confidence
Provide accessibility while protecting your customers and your business from threats, back-end overload, and service issues.
Get visibility into your API ecosystem
Understand your customers and how they use your APIs to continually improve your product and customer experience.

 gives you a complete API platform to drive customer reach, create innovative apps, and extract valuable business insights.
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Apigee gives you the tools to craft beautiful and scalable APIs, build engaging apps, and measure API success.