Twingl – A Platform for Connecting Ideas

Posted on by Brandon Klein

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Read with pencil in hand.

When you discover an idea that makes you stop and think, steal it using the Twingler. You can jot down any thoughts you have immediately, without breaking the flow of reading. Your highlights and comments will show up whenever you visit that site in the future.

Lay trails as you go.

When one idea reminds you of another, you can make a two-way link—a Twingling—between them, saving your train of thought. Over time, you’ll grow a web of ideas that puts folders and tagging to shame.

Re-read what you’ve kept.

What’s the point of saving all this stuff if you never look at it? Twingl collates all of your findings into an online journal. You can flick back day by day and re-trace your steps. It’s like having your own personal Wikipedia.