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Posted on by Brandon Klein

More and more, the world is moving towards knowledge-based organizations, whose main asset is human capital. As with any asset, risk management is key to making sure past, present and future assets are used as planned, and effectively enough. According to Aon-Hewitt, “While the traditional areas of risk are generally regarded as being well managed, in other areas, such as human capital, executives do not think that they are very effective (only 32% rated their organization as effective). This is despite the fact that human capital risks (e.g., skills shortages, succession issues, loss of key personnel) are rated as the most significant threats to their company’s business operations (60% rating the risk as very high or high).” As it stands, organizations do not manage their human capital risk properly and are facing an increasing need for new tools that will allow them to identify risk origins, reduce risks levels, and re-measure risks after implementing an action plan based on the solutions.