KeyLines Network Visualization: Cutting-edge data visualization software-

Posted on by Brandon Klein

KeyLines Network Visualization
KeyLines is a toolkit for visualizing the networks in your data.
By exploring these networks, you will be able to understand your data in whole new ways,
finding patterns and trends that are otherwise hidden and turning complex data into actionable insight.


It fits right in

Nothing drains money like an integration project.

With KeyLines, your developers can start work in a matter of hours.

KeyLines fits with any type of server and works in all common browsers. We provide comprehensive samples, efficient support and excellent documentation that will help your developers be fast and productive straight away.
Get there faster

To stay ahead, you need your solution in place as soon as possible.

Building a visualization component means finding qualified developers and managing a complex software project. It’s a slow and risky process, and probably not your core business strength.

KeyLines eliminates these problems. It saves you thousands of development hours and potentially tens of thousands of dollars, over building your own component from scratch, without compromising your specifications.
Reach everyone

Your application needs to reach everyone in the organization, from enterprise users to iPad enthusiasts. You need to accommodate the users still tied to old systems and browsers too.

KeyLines works in all common browsers, even IE7, and can work alongside older corporate IT systems.

By choosing KeyLines, you can remove the barriers stopping you from putting your application in front of everyone that needs it.
Proven technology

Unreliable or untested software will annoy and frustrate your users. You'll waste valuable development time tracking down minor bugs - time better spent on building the new features that your users need.

High profile organizations, like the US Army, already trust KeyLines to work in difficult and challenging environments. Our largest deployments have tens of thousands of users.

And if a bug is found, it is our job to find and fix it, not yours.
Stand out from the crowd

Looking like the competition won’t get you noticed. You will struggle to differentiate your product if it is the same as everyone else.

We’ve invested many hours making KeyLines expressive, interactive and visually exciting. The result is a toolkit that helps you build applications that look good and feel professional.

The next time you show your product at a conference, it will be with pride.
Access world-class expertise

Designing interactive data visualizations isn't as easy as it looks. Get it wrong and your users won't be able to find the answers they need.

Choosing KeyLines means you benefit from the skills and expertise of a team with a combined experience of over 40 years in link analysis.

By combining our visualization expertise with your subject knowledge, we’ll make sure your applications are a joy to use.