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Posted on by Brandon Klein

With the Alme natural language platform from Next IT, you can provide the personalized service of a concierge while delivering the business benefits of a technology-based self-service solution.

Alme is a multi-modal, multi-channel, multi-language platform designed to revolutionize customer service by creating intelligent virtual assistants capable of understanding what your customers actually mean. Alme uses this knowledge in unprecedented ways to deliver information and perform tasks, giving your customers an experience that’s all about them.
Connect with your customers

Alme is the most trusted natural language technology available for enterprises. Our technology interacts with any device or channel, allowing people to use everyday language to accomplish surprisingly complex tasks with ease—an experience that’s been missing from most enterprise websites and all mobile apps. With Alme, it’s easy for customers to manage travel details by saying, “Please change my seat to an exit row” or inquire about personal account information, simply by asking “Has the medical deductible for my son been met?”
Alme in action

Talk, tap or type—Next IT virtual assistants are ready with the right answer, providing an integrated approach proven to boost customer satisfaction, user engagement and revenue.