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Power distribution among employees Finding strong & weak links in your organization Managers' rank in the organization



Highlight employees that gain power from their position Which employees use their power to influence Locate the most influential employees


Highlight employees with high risk potential Locate the most sought after employees

Work Relations

Identify missing work relations Highlight your best connected employees Employees' cooperation level


Effectiveness of management influence Effectiveness of organizational communication Corporate culture

Organizational Structure

Present the informal organizational structure Highlight the gap between the formal and informal structure Locate deficiencies in the organizational structure

Agile Organization

Organization's ability to evolve Compliance between the corporate's culture and its goals


Intra-departmental cooperation level Inter-departmental cooperation level

Organizational Links

Highlight your best connected department Identify broken or missing links between departments Employees who connect other employees and departments

Organizational Power

Power distribution between departments Balance of power between the core departments and services Identify influential departments