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Rich, Omni-Channel Profiles

WibiData includes a scalable entity-centric data store to collect application data in real-time, integrated with offline data sources. WibiData centrally stores data from disjointed data marts, CRM systems, e-mail marketing reports, and web logs so your applications can respond dynamically to each customer interaction. WibiData’s flexible, extensible schemas and built-in analytics allow you to dynamically populate recommendations and categorize your customers in the same system where transactional and contextual data is stored. With WibiData, you can easily understand all facets of your customer and build applications that turn insights into action.
Powerful Analysis Libraries

WibiData gives you the ability to understand and react to your users faster. WibiData’s built-in libraries allow data scientists to perform complex data analysis, derive new insights and act on those insights in real time. You can integrate these libraries with custom business logic and proprietary algorithms that your data scientists create. You can easily share results with existing business intelligence and reporting tools. WibiData can export data to SQL-based data storage platforms or use built-in tools to perform deep analytics within the Hadoop environment.
Real-Time Relevant Data

WibiData allows organizations to serve up-to-date recommendations, personalized content, relevant searches and respond to unexpected behaviors as they happen. By applying predictive models when data is retrieved, WibiData ensures that data used to drive applications is always current. As customers’ behavior changes, the content provided should adapt as well.

WibiData re-scores the predictive models your application uses to output derived data, which directs your applications. By combining a fleixble schema, powerful analysis libraries and real-time model scoring, WibiData delivers on the promise of Big Data. The combination of evolving data collection requirements, analysis needs, integration of newly available data and detection of anomalies is promoting organizations across industries to adopt WibiData to create rich, personalized experiences.

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