Posted on by Brandon Klein


In words, the Health Graph is…

    A system of individual health connections or interrelations - a digital map of your personal health.
    A record of the evolution of these items over time.
    Any body measurement stats and health/fitness related actions that impact your fitness and personal health are eligible for inclusion in your Health Graph.

What insight does the Health Graph provide?

    A snapshot of your current physical condition.
    A picture of how your health has evolved over time.
    An understanding of how your activities and behaviors correlate with changes in your health.
    Data about how your social interactions influence these changes in your activities and behaviors.

Line chart, “Your Weight (pounds)” versus Time (month and year) with labeled points: “Saw a friend sign up for a 10K”, “Signed up for first 10K”, “Started training for a 10K”, “Ran a 10K in 1:14:27”

Imagine an app that…

    Identifies periods of weight loss in your fitness history.
    Establishes correlations between weight loss and nutrition, sleep, activity performance, social motivation, etc.
    Visually displays the relationship between these health data points.