Infoactive - diy infographics

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Build interactive infographics and data visualizations

You don't need to be a programmer, a designer, or a data analyst. Heck, you don't even need a tutorial. Drag and drop, rock and roll. responsive Responsive

You can be as big as a high-res Thunderbolt display or as portable as any smartphone. Our responsive graphics are designed to scale. interactive Interactive

Don't trap your data in a static image. Turn numbers into interactive stories that boost user engagement. Let your readers explore.

How it works

connect-data Connect data

Life is too short for yesterday's news. Connect live data and change it whenever. Hitting 'publish' isn't the end of story; it's just the beginning. share Share

Embed on your blog, share the link, or share on social networks. We generate a static image version for the places where interactive content isn't possible. data Build a story

Combine text, charts and interactive filters into living narratives. Let your readers deep dive into the parts of the dataset that mean the most to them.