Lifesum by ShapeUp Club Free Calorie Counter, Food & Exercise Journal by Lifesum

Posted on by Brandon Klein


Personal weight plan - We help you set realistic goals and stick to them

Life Circle - More fun! End each day green and good things will come

Easy food and exercise tracking

Database with millions of food items

Barcode scanner - Eat. Scan. Done!

Habitual tracking - The app will learn what you usually eat speeding up tracking

Chose between different serving sizes

Track calories, nutrients, water - learn about how you live

200+ exercises with calories burned estimated

Connect to our partners: Get data from Runkeeper, Withings

Food and exercise charts - Dig into your lifestyle data and improve your health

Track your body (waist, body fat, hips, arms, etc) - Follow your progress and stay motivated

Diary of your journey – stay motivated

Password protection – keep it private

Goals based on your specific diet profile (such as daily calories & nutritional information) – customize everything into your personal needs

Always have your data with you – in your pocket or at

Facebook connected – simple login but not intrusive sharing

It’s free and without annoying ads.