Ingenia: Quantified Text - The Automated Text Classifier Built Around You.

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Ingenia analyses your textual content and automatically categorises it using your own tags. Description of image Machine Learning


Ingenia uses proprietary advanced machine learning algorithms to give structure to the content you send to it via our API, by finding the unique patterns that associate your content with your tags. Description of image Made to measure

Ingenia is tailored to your content: why use standard generic categories, when you can choose the ones that are best suited to your content? Ingenia will learn about them. And you can chnage them any time. You're in charge. Description of image Continuously adapts to your content

The way you categorise your content is bound to change over time. Instead of being stuck with outdated categories, or having to manually modify them again and again, let Ingenia take care of it, as it automatically evolves with your content. Description of image Your own recommendation engine

Once your content is categorised, your recommendation engine, uniquely tailored to your content, is ready to go: it doesn't require you to collect and cruch lots of data on user behaviour. It will find the most relevant content based on your own tags.