Close, the Teaching and Learning Application

Posted on by Brandon Klein

A new way to educate and train your clients and employees. Quickly get stakeholders up-to-speed & keep them there. Employee Onboarding Employee Onboarding Ongoing Corporate Education Ongoing Education Client Onboarding Client Onboarding Build beautiful, branded lessons in minutes, not hours— no programmer required. Build Screen

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Assign lessons to your stakeholders or share your lessons with a link. will handle the reminders to make sure your assignments are completed on time. Assign See who has learned what, when, and how well with individualized report cards and analytics. maintains records of your stakeholders’ training and educational history—from how they answered specific questions to exactly what day and time they completed both mandatory and optional training. We even track IP addresses to help your business stay legally compliant. See Say goodbye to your ragtag, organic, immeasurable approach to education and training.

From employee onboarding, to client onboarding, to ongoing education, is everything you need to get your stakeholders up-to-speed and keep them there.