Gapingvoid | "Hugh MacLeod" Cartoons drawn on the back of business cards

Posted on by Brandon Klein

“If you’re trying to change your business’ culture, you should be talking to us.”

I’m Hugh Mac­Leod. I’m a car­too­nist. Occa­sio­nally I write books.

gaping­void was founded by me (Creative Director) and Jason Korman (CEO) to affect change in business and business culture, using my distinct style of art.

We offer  bespoke services (including gapingvoid CultureMail),  which you can read more about on the gapingvoid homepage.

Clients include Rackspace, Intel, Cisco, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Babson College, Techcrunch, Dewar’s Whisky etc.

We also have a daily car­toon news­let­ter that makes a lot of peo­ple happy.

Peo­ple ask, as an artist, why are you so obses­sed with the office? And I ans­wer, because that is where the action is, that is where we all need the most help.

Sure, there are other pla­ces where the human drama takes place: homes, bars, res­tau­rants, schools, shops, the street etc. But con­si­de­ring how cen­tral busi­ness is to our lives, I find it odd that more peo­ple don’t unders­tand how impor­tant art can be to the work envi­ron­ment. So gaping­void is on a mis­sion to help them unders­tand this better.

If you just want to say ‘Hello’, feel free to email me, any­time.

If you want to talk busi­ness, then it’s pro­bably best to please con­tact Jason, here. We look for­ward to wor­king with you. Thanks!
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