Automattic: No Email, No Office Workers - Business Insider

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Of all the cool work cultures we've ever heard of, none is more impressive than Automattic, the company responsible for the popular blogging platform, WordPress.

Automattic is so unusual, it's the subject of a new book "The Year Without Pants" by its employee Scott Berkun. Berkun is a former Microsoft employee who documented how Automattic grew into a 190-employee company with a $1 billion valuation, while nearly all employees work from home.

Even though the company has a gorgeous San Francisco office, Automattic doesn't consider location when hiring employees. Workers are scattered across 141 cities and 28 countries and get a $2,000 stipend to decorate or improve their home offices (in addition to a new Mac and other tech equipment), WordPress creator and Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg told Business Insider.

The company also has a huge travel budget. Any team can meet whenever they want for a "hack week" in any location in the world like Tokyo, Athens, Kauai, San Francisco, Amsterdam, or Sydney.

In his book, Berkun describes his first team meet up, in Athens:

Who gets on a plane to meet with coworkers in ATHENS? ... It never entirely made sense to me why we were there, but the effect of it was clear: we were all energized, inspired, and ready to earn our trip to an amazing place.