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Posted on by Brandon Klein

The Concept

If the the story below doesn’t answer all of your questions, you might like to check out our FAQ page that answers most of the common questions we have received.

Key to the Wok+Wine concept is simplicity and this is summed up in our original not-very-secret formula:  40 people, 40 pounds of jumbo shrimp and 40 bottles of delicious wine!

Note: for private/corporate gatherings, the formula works with much larger groups (hundreds of guests) as there is already a common denominator that links everyone.

Wok+Wine started in November 2008 as a new way to get a diverse group of interesting people together in New York City for a night of great conversation, fueled by delicious food  and amazing wine.  Since its humble beginnings, Wok+Wine has quickly grown into a monthly gathering of some of the most inspiring, creative and connected people around the world.

Wok+Wine has been enjoyed by close to 3,000 people in New York, Venezuela, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo, London, Madrid, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Vancouver, Melbourne, Sydney, Whangarei, Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand.

Having tried and tested the concept across a range of markets, we are now offering Wok+Wine as an effective connecting tool for private groups and companies that want to experience this incredible dynamic.

These are the foundations that the Wok+Wine concept is built on:

    Culinary Sensations
    Wok+Wine is about enjoying jumbo shrimps cooked ‘al ajillo’ and a specially selected wine for every event that will get your taste buds jumping.
    For Wok+Wine we calculate an average of one pound of jumbo shrimps and one bottle of delicious wine per person to guarantee that you will not leave hungry or thirsty.  We accept no responsibility for extraordinarily riveting conversations leading you to forget to eat/drink.
    Wok+Wine is not a networking event. In fact, there is absolutely no agenda or fixed format.  We just want to get some interesting people together to enjoy fantastic food and great company.
    Just come as you are.
    Wok+Wine is one occasion where you don’t have to worry what the ‘damage’ is going to be.  We only ask for enough to cover the costs incurred for the location, setup, wine and shrimps.  This is typically about $50-60 per person (45 euros in Europe, 35pounds in the UK).  For private (friends) events, we charge $60pp and for corporate events we start at $65pp depending on the wine and the number of guests.
    Stimulating Interaction
    At Wok+Wine everyone eats with their hands from a huge communal table.  It is our experience that this is the perfect stimulant for getting you interacting.  Also, with only 40-50 people per event, you have a chance to speak with everyone.
    For Friends…and their Friends
    Wok+Wine is growing organically with the people we know and the people they know.   We do not work with standard demographics so there is no ‘typical’ Wok+Wine guest.  Rest assured, you will meet a bunch of very inspiring people.
    We still can’t put our finger on the secret ingredient that makes the vibe at Wok+Wine so unique.
    Come along and experience Wok+Wine for yourself.
    We will surprise you!