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Posted on by Brandon Klein

Audacious Experiment

Insight Labs is an audacious experiment in social change.

A foundation designed to develop and disseminate new models for solving social challenges, Insight Labs tackles 10 problems a year in partnership with organizations dedicated to solving those problems. The Labs leverages the biggest, boldest thinkers in every field with an approach most colorfully described as the “love child of a think tank and flash mob for good.”

The vast majority of the foundation’s work – approximately 90% to-date – is pro bono. None of Insight Labs’s work is proprietary; all research and findings are shared freely, both on this site and through various media.

Organizations seeking to partner with Insight Labs should note: The Labs is designed to develop new models, not to address operational challenges. Therefore, the best candidates are organizations with national or international impact and that are wholly committed to develop new, model-based solutions that meet the demands of our age. Also note, the lead time to develop a Labs’ project is six to nine months. Interested organizations are encouraged to read this brief essay, informed by previous partners.

Participation as a thinker is by invitation only. Invitees seeking to learn more in advance of the experienced are encouraged to read this brief essay, developed by previous participants.