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Posted on by Brandon Klein

We unleash the power to propel big projects into big wins!

People Architects does something unusual: we reveal hidden solutions, right before your eyes, to create breakthrough strategy, innovation and performance.

The secret to our succes is our systematic, proven Xpert Mapping™ human performance modeling methodology. Learn from the Best!

We start by modeling your best people: your best customers, your best employees -- the people who matter the most.

Results are what counts!

Just like  financial or economic decisions benefit from modeling, so it is with human performance. Modeling the most important people in your project will always result in dramatically better decisions than non-modeling approaches (Reference: Scott Page, 2012). Disciplines that have embraced modeling would never consider making major decisions without data-based modelling. New clients often do not realize that there is a method for capturing and modeling the hidden aspects of human performance and decision making.

The bottom line is Xpert Mapping™ human performance modeling dramatically improves your odds of success. With People Architects as a partner, our clients have documented they outperform their existing approaches at least 3 to 1. Two Fortune 100 clients have personally received the highest employee award possible from their CEOs: which speaks to the leadership and contribution of the amazing people we have had the honor of partnering with. Please invite us to demonstrate how we can partner and contribute to your success.