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Posted on by Brandon Klein

Map your own strengths and how fit into culture and teams

Finding the right job is kind of like finding your soul mate - no matter how fantastic an opportunity may look on paper, it's pointless if it's not right for you. It's only when a job feels like it was made for you that work feels less like work and more like play. Productivity and success follow naturally because when you're doing what you love, it's hard to outdo you. It's like having your cake and eating it too.

Our theory is simple: in order to find the right answers, you need to ask the right questions. That’s why Good.Co's proprietary psychometric algorithm starts with the most important element: you. We start by asking you fifteen questions that help you discover your Archetype blend – i.e. what makes you tick, what lives in your DNA.

Next, we’ll ask you to rate your current employer on key attributes in order to analyze – you guessed it - your employer's Archetype (don’t worry – we won’t snitch). The rest is magic. Well, more like science. If your goal is to perform better in your current job, we show you how to do it. If you want to find a place that makes you feel like you belong there, we’ve got you covered. This is where our magic sauce kicks in - a.k.a. Good.Co's PPA (Proprietary Psychometric Algorithm).

Our process, steeped in hard science, examines thousands of data points to find the best cultural fit between job seekers and job openings. It helps you identify positions, teams, companies, and categories that are a natural extension of who you are and what you have a knack for. Although we are quite proud of it, the magic is the easy part. It only works because you have done the hard part - finding yourself. No matter where you are in your career path, it’s never too late to find yourself in Good Company.