HealthSpot - Doctors Kiosk

Posted on by Brandon Klein

The 10-foot clinic houses a private medical room that feels like a well-lit outhouse. Inside is a scale, chair, and television dashboard, as well as locked bays on each side for medical equipment. After a medically certified assistant helps patients through a kiosk check-in, users are greeted by a friendly doctor who guides them through the use of common medical tools, such as a stethoscope. Vitals are displayed graphically over the doctor’s head throughout the visit.

HealthSpot is currently being piloted in Ohio urgent care and children’s hospital (yes, an urgent care inside of an urgent care – so meta). Eventually, the company wants to bring these tiny health clinics to a local Walgreens, where users can get treated and walk out with an e-prescription right into the pharmacy. Longer term goals may bring tele-doctors to impoverished nations. HealthSpot argues there’s a host of underutilized medical professionals, such as semi-retired doctors who can see patients from the comfort of their homes or  nurses in low-traffic rural hospitals who can be beamed into busy urban emergency rooms.