Facilitator U: Facilitation Training & Resources for Group Facilitators, Madison, WI

Posted on by Brandon Klein

I’m Steve Davis, founder of FacilitatorU, a Virtual University offering “Real Time” Tools, Training and Resources for group leaders. Our just-in-time tools, training, and resources include a special emphasis on helping leaders and participants improve their inner game to leverage their presence to improve group collaboration. Many facilitation and leadership training programs overlook the self facilitation aspect. How we “show up” and “facilitate ourselves” is just as important as what we “do” as group leaders. We offer training and tools that address the inner game of group leadership so that getting better results with groups becomes part of who you are which has as least as much impact as what you do.

We also publish the Master Facilitator Journal, a free weekly ezine, and offer this blog as a place to dialogue around provocative questions in this field. Please browse and comment if you feel so moved to take the conversation further and deeper.

Steve Davis, M.A., M.S., is a Facilitator’s Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Infoprenuer, and free-lance human, helping facilitators, leaders, educators, trainers, coaches and consultants present themselves confidently, access their creativity, empower their under-performing groups, enhance their facilitation skills, and build their business online and offline. View his professional bio here.