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Posted on by Brandon Klein

A New of Era of Productivity Has Begun

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Alegion was founded to help companies find new ways of doing work using crowdsourced labor.  Over the last several years, some of corporate america's biggest names have utilized crowdsourcing to generate astonishing levels of productivity.  Operations that normally took weeks or months, were reduced to hours and days.  Some companies even found that they were able to complete work that was previously unimaginable.

This key question is this:  If the benefits are so amazing, why aren't businesses everywhere utlizing crowdsourced labor? 

The answer is simple.  The market is still young.  Enterprise-class solutions have been slow to evolve.  Early-adopters have had to rely on expensive consultants to build custom-fit solutions.  Trial and error has been common and getting accurate results has been a challenge.

Alegion has developed a ground-breaking platform that will propel crowdsourcing into the mainstream.  With enterprise-class capabilities, implemenations are quick, changes are easy, and accurate results are produced at scale.  The standards of productivity will be changed forever.