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Posted on by Brandon Klein

Nodus Labs is a creative bureau that researches communities, communication, and social artefacts through the frameworks of complexity theory and network science. We also provide homeschooling education, as well as workshop and seminars for students. We are the associate member of Gephi Consortium, homeschooling association Education Otherwise, and Association Performing Arts Forum. We created ThisIsLike.Com online mnenomic network used by thousands people to retain and share their knowledge, as well as the first non-linear reading tool and text network visualization software Textexture. We produce research and interactive situations that bridge sociology, network science, and arts, and we also offer regular workshops, talks and consulting services on these subjects.

We believe that various interfaces (software, visuals, even a human body) offer a much more versatile way to communicate ideas and can be a great addition to a more traditional form of sharing that standard text offers.

For example, Facebook is used by hundreds millions people every day and certain algorithms there responsible for pushing the posts to the top of the news feed effectively determine who you communicate with more often. In this way it invisibly rewires the social fabric of our society to the extent that’s much more effective than any text or policy could have ever achieved. (Of course, it’s another question what effect it actually has).

Our interest is double-sided. On one hand, we are interested in uncovering the algorithms that operate within the societies, the communication tools, and interfaces they use (language included). On the other hand, we want to offer practical tools (at least on the level of theoretical knowledge) that can be used to rewire the algorithms embedded in the interfaces we use or to invent the completely new ones.

On this website you can read some of our Research and the more immediate findings in the Posts section. If you need our help for some idea or practical task that you have, please, take a look at our Services and contact us below.