Elastic Inc. – Sales as a Service

Posted on by Brandon Klein

We are the #1 sales as a service platform for startups.

We provide startups a scalable sales team on demand. You can manage your entire sales force via the cloud and get analytics and metrics in real-time. We have the best sales reps in technology and have a powerful operational process to onboarding highly technical products and platforms and scaling their revenue quickly.

How it works
Your startup is selling to the B2B market and you want to grow your revenue.
You create an account with Elastic and kick off a campaign with two sales reps.
You can monitor what they do on a daily basis; see the emails they send; the calls they made; the deals they are closing for you. You can manage your campaign online and monitor your conversion funnel in real-time.

It’s a scalable way to build and manage your sales force on demand.