Block.210 « Jessica Arosenius

Posted on by Brandon Klein

I think play should be central in a family’s life and the purpose of this furniture is to bring the child’s play out from its “playroom” and in to the common space where the child’s play can be shared with the adults. A simple object as a block intrigues both children and adults, if you multiply them it gets even more interesting.

The furniture brings the child and the adult together in a common interest, play!

Block.210 is a coffee-table that should be located in the centre of the house, next to your favorite sofa.
The table is made of solid birch and Mdf. The 210 blocks are made of birch and among them you can find 14 different blocks, 4 of them spy over the rest of the blocks. Underneath the blocks there are 8 different colors that you discover when you start playing.
If you crawl under the table there is a secret playfunction, a couple of holes that you can use to push the blocks up. A perfect opportunity for interaction between the one who is under the table and the one who is ab