Posted on by Brandon Klein

Consider these recent developments:

• In 2011, as the fi rst members of America’s baby boomer 

generation reached retirement age and the world’s population 

crossed the 7 billion threshold, pundits and policy makers 

considered the impact a rapidly aging population would have on 

our planet’s scarce resources. 

• In September, the United Nations General Assembly convened a 

global summit on a health issue that poses an urgent and global 

threat. The UN has convened such a summit only once before — 

in response to the AIDS epidemic — and it’s remarkable that the 

2011 summit focused not on an infectious disease pandemic, but 

on the threat of “non-communicable” chronic diseases. 

• That same month, the Obama Administration hired Constance 

Steinkuehler as a White House senior policy analyst with a truly 

unconventional mission: analyze the potential for using video 

games to improve outcomes in health, education and a number 

of other areas.