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Posted on by Brandon Klein

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Modernize your practice and bring an iPad into the exam room. Your iPad updates all medical records in real-time and allows you to take control of them in the palm of your hand. With constant improvements and frequent feature additions, we will fill your EHR needs. 

Medical Speech to Text
We are the only iPad EHR to offer integrated Medical Speech to Text technology. Our highly accurate speech to text will help you save hours of typing. Our speech to text is simply amazing. More.

Paperless Medical Billing
Bill to any insurance company in the US with no paperwork! We are connected to every insurance company in the US.

Custom Clinical Notes
One clinical form does not fit every practice. Create your own medical forms and use those templates on your iPad. Make your iPad your clipboard today! More.

Take Photos & Videos

The drchrono EHR takes advantage of the iPad 2's built-in camera to give you a truly unique feature. Take photos & record video