Developing Agile into Full Way of Working

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Dealing with multiple teams in a product development organization is always a challenge!

One of the most impressive examples we’ve seen so far is Spotify, which has kept an agile mindset despite 

having scaled to over 30 teams across 3 cities. 

Spotify is a fascinating company that is transforming the music industry. The company has only existed 

6 years and already has over 15 million active users and over 4 million paying. The product itself can be 

likened to “a magical music player in which you can instantly find and play every song in the world”.

Alistair Cockburn (one of the founding fathers of agile software development) visited Spotify and said “Nice 

- I've been looking for someone to implement this matrix format since 1992 :) so it is really welcome to see.”

So how is this managed?

We have both presented at conferences and been caught in engaging discussions around how we work at 

Spotify and how the company handles agile with hundreds of developers. Many people are fascinated by 

this, so we decided to write an article about it.