Posted on by Brandon Klein

It's been exactly 50 years since JFK gave his famous 'Go to the Moon' speech in response to the Soviet Union beating the US into space, the original 'Sputnik Moment'. He inspired a nation to go to the moon. Now is a time of unprecedented challenge and change in education. In fact, Obama has called education "our generations sputnik moment".

Learning has never been more available and inexpensive, yet the cost of (formal) education continues to rise at 3x the rate of inflation. Universities do not have a monopoly on learning - only credentialing. Degreed will create the world's first Digital Lifelong Diploma, which will 'jailbreak' the degree and enable learners to reflect everything they've learned, from any source, throughout their lives.

Degreed is creating the world's first digital diploma, that scores and validates your lifelong education from any source, both formal (e.g. Harvard) and informal (e.g. Khan Academy, iTunesU, Coursera, conferences, certificates, assessments, and media). The digital diploma enables a best-of model of education. Fast Company writes, "Why can't we take robotics at Carnegie Mellon, linear algebra at MIT, law at Stanford? And why can't we put 130 of these together and make it a degree?" With the Digital Lifelong Diploma you can.