Why Collaboration doesn't work |

Posted on by Brandon Klein

OK, for a site on collaboration saying that collaboration (as it is implemented in the enterprise today) does not work, that is a pretty strong negative statement. I will go even further and say that not only does collaboration not work, but it is hard to sell to management these days because often the ROI is unclear.

If you talk with people in your company, most of them will tell you they are collaborative, yet most of them are unsatisfied with the collaboration they currently do. They often realize at an intuitive level that there is a problem, but they don't know how to articulate or solve that problem.

To paraphrase Einstein "We can't solve a problem with the same thinking we used to create it." That seems to be what a lot of collaboration tools today do. E-mail, which in our State of Collaboration survey 2010, is still the most popular collaborative tool, can often cause as much damage as it does good.