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An unconference is a facilitated participant-driven face-to-face conference around a theme or purpose. 
Going to an Unconference? read this:

* unConferencing: How to prepare to attend an unConference.

Organizing An Unconference? look at these posts:

* Open Space, what happens, why does it work.
* How to DIY Unconference
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* How to Facilitation Agenda Creation Step by Step
* If it has a pre-set agenda it is not an unConference
* Questions about Unconferences

unConference Methods:

* UnPanel – Fishbowl Dialogue
* Uncovering diverse opinions – Spectrogram
* Community Mapping
* Ice Breaker – A strong wind blows
* Introductions for 200 in 10 min - how to

My Reviews of unConferences:

* Making Transparency Camp Better

Media Coverage of unConferences: