Three Stage Media: Social Networking Solutions

Posted on by Brandon Klein


eventSocial creates a single social-networking destination for event participants. Users can identify fellow attendees, connect directly with their contacts via email, and post to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. For event organizers, eventSocial increases interest in your event via increased social interaction among new and prospective attendees.

1. Attendees scan their online networks, e.g., Outlook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., to determine which of their contacts are registered to attend, exhibit or speak at the event.
2. Users can connect with registered participants via email and invite those contacts not yet registered to attend directly from the eventSocial interface.
3. Social network integration enables attendees to follow the event’s Twitter account, join its LinkedIn group and become a Facebook fan. In addition, attendees can post personal status updates, tweets and wall comments via the eventSocial interface.