SAP Gets Mojo Back: Enterprise 3.0 | ZDNet

Posted on by Brandon Klein

New SAP Co CEO Hagemann Snabe, 100 days into his tenure, described the evolution of SAP as part of a broader ‘inflection point’ in his section of the global keynotes at...

The vision of ‘best run’ companies deploying a new generation of SAP technologies that are informed by huge changes in use patterns and taking advantage of the devices that are rapidly signaling the end of the personal computer era was everywhere.

Mobile, iPads, on and off premise - real time access to sophisticated analytics and sophisticated enterprise apps is the promise of the new SAP, supercharged by in-memory performance.

The reality SAP are confronting is ironically based on the remnants of the last wave of server/thin client enterprise computing.

SAP was founded in 1972 by five former IBM engineers, and, according to Wikipedia…