Microsoft's Xbox Kinect: Pondering 6 business uses | ZDNet

Posted on by Brandon Klein

PowerPoint presentations with more oomph. What would make PowerPoint slides more interesting? How about a “wax on, wax off” Karate Kid (the first one) hand wave? Just imagine the fun gesture things you could do to move along a slide show. If you were buff, say like a gymnast, you could do all sorts of interesting things to move a presentation along. Of course, your antics may distract from your beautiful slides, but most of us wouldn’t pay attention anyway.

Teleconferencing. More intuitive video conferencing—telepresence anyone? Microsoft said Video Kinect will be more intuitive and track your movements and adjust automatically. In other words you can walk around without leaving the camera. You can seem Microsoft building this feature into Office at some point.

Vertical industry uses. In the healthcare industry, you can envision a doctor gesturing to go through a series of X-rays.