Listorious: Twitter people search and lists directory

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Have you envied journalists who get to interview experts, celebrities and other fascinating people? Now you can find and interview almost anyone with Listorious.

Listorious has the best Twitter people search on the web so you can find anyone by topic, region or profession -- powered by data from the tens of thousands of list curators. Once you find the right person, you can interview them by asking questions over Listorious.

By answering some questions through Listorious rather than directly on Twitter, your answers are organized, in depth, and have archive value. It's like a magazine interview

Listorious was created by Sawhorse Media in New York City, a company that tells you who matters on the real-time Web by creating fun, engaging, and useful products. Sawhorse's network includes the Oscars if Twittter -- The Shorty Awards, and the leading destination for journalists on Twitter -- Muck Rack. Check out the rest of Sawhorse's network of Twitter curators.