It's All Semantics: Open Data, Linked Data & The Semantic Web

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Yesterday we summarized some of the main developments in the Linked Data world over the past year. Linked Data is a W3C-backed movement that is all about connecting data sets across the Web. It can be viewed as a subset of the wider Semantic Web movement, which is about adding meaning to the Web. However, there is some confusion in the Semantic Web community about the crossover. To add to the confusion, there is a term called 'Open Data' that is being bandied around too. This commonly describes data that has been uploaded to the Web and is accessible to all, but isn't necessarily "linked" to other data sets.

So what's the beef with all of these terms? In this post we seek clarity!
The Difference Between Open Data and Linked Data

In the discussion over yesterday's post, a few people tweeted that the U.K. government's public data website is mostly populated with 'Open Data' and not 'Linked Data.' But what does that mean?