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Posted on by Brandon Klein

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The founders of HubSpot® met at MIT in 2004. Both were interested in the transformative impacts of the internet on small businesses and were early students of web2.0 concepts. The discussions and early work were on-going for two years and in June of 2006 the company was officially founded and funded. For more information about them, see our management page.

The most interesting aspect of the internet's impact on business from HubSpot's perspective is in how it has changed the nature of shopping and subsequently the shape of every vendor's sales funnel. Ten years ago, if a company was interested in buying a new product/service, it started by attending trade shows, reading industry journals, and going to seminars to learn more. Early in the shopping process, it would engage directly with the key vendors' (sales) people who would feed them asymmetric information from the top of their sales funnel to the bottom of the