I Hate My 9 to 5 - Anonymously post your work horror stories

Posted on by Brandon Klein

9to5. Work. The Daily Grind. J-O-B. Corporate USA. Whatever you call it, you hate it. At I Hate My 9 to 5 we understand your troubles, not only do we understand we’re sitting in our cube farms hating the world too. Hating our bosses, staff meetings and looking forward to happy hours and the weekend. However, we've discovered there is no need to fret new friend. Just tell the truth.

You hate your boss...tell us more.

Sleeping with your executive assistant...please share.

Stealing sandwiches from the company kitchen…we understand.

Consider us a confidante. A BFF of sorts. And need I remind you that all our posts are anonymous. We're like a safe haven for your daily office frustrations. Really, we want to help you giggle and get thru another work day.