Posted on by Brandon Klein

Factual is a platform where anyone can share and mash open data on any subject. For example, you might find a directory of US restaurants, a database of endocrinologists, or a list of video game cheat codes. We provide smart tools to help the community build and maintain a trusted source of structured data. And this data can be used through widgets and APIs to help application developers and content publishers be more innovative and productive. Often, data is difficult to find and access, inaccurate, and sometimes expensive. Information seekers are often overwhelmed with too many, often contradictory sources or frustrated by too few. Today, access to clean and reliable structured data is still a headache. Factual was founded to provide open access to better structured data. And that means developers can build more innovative apps, publishers can access high-quality content, and ultimately, everyone, can make better decisions. More specifically, we offer: