Digital Solutions Agency - Universal Mind

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Universal Mind started out of necessity. It was the result of our commitment to clients who were facing the broken promises of others. We met those clients face-to-face and got their jobs done before we’d even had time to pick a name.

When we finally did select a name, we were inspired by the song Universal Mind by The Doors. Quite simply, it resonates because when you work with Universal Mind you don’t just work with one individual. You don’t even just work with the team that’s put on your project. You get an entire company of people who pride themselves on sharing knowledge and making everyone better because of it.

Many of our people were once employed by top companies, such as Adobe, Macromedia, and Accenture. They come to and stay with Universal Mind because we enable them to do things that most of our competitors don’t. We present them with the best opportunities, treat them with respect, and keep the organization transparent at all levels. It’s just how we do business.