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Posted on by Brandon Klein

Creating office harmony with fewer workers

The need for collaboration in the workplace is greater when there are fewer employees.
Sun Sentinel

With fewer people on the payroll, working effectively with each other is essential in today's workplace.

Team-building exercises help people get to know each other, which builds trust and even the buy-in needed for an organization to reach its goals, experts say.

`It's more important than it has ever been with companies trying to do more with less. They're trying to achieve productivity when they have never had to work together before,'' says Cher Holton, who recently taught team-building techniques to the Fort Lauderdale chapter of the American Society for Training & Development.

To kick off the meeting, participants were split into groups and given a bowl of M&Ms. Each team member chose a piece of candy and was asked to share something, such as what they do for fun, based on the color.