Affiliate Every Link on the Web with VigLink

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Get paid by the links on your site.

VigLink monetizes the ordinary hyperlink by offering an "install and forget" code snippet that automatically secures revenue from the sites you already link without any visible changes to your site.

Over 7,500 sites including, eBay, and many others, already pay for traffic on a commission basis totaling approximately $1.5 billion in commissions. Unfortunately, participating in these programs is labor-intensive and error-prone. VigLink research shows that less than half of all qualifying links are properly enrolled.

VigLink turns this problem on its head. Install just a few lines of JavaScript on your page, and VigLink makes invisible modifications. Whenever a user clicks away from your site, the destination URL is subtly altered to credit you for any resulting sales. VigLink automatically aggregates the resulting commissions so you get paid.