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Posted on by Brandon Klein

It's surprising what you can learn about local marketing from the parochial approach of South African chicken chain Nando's as it expands into three continents. Or how customer service can be the differentiator that makes an upstart brand like Brazilian airline Azul. Or how to keep your cachet even when moving into second and third-tier markets as Swedish retailer H&M has done in its aggressive global expansion.

World's Hottest Brands
They are among the World's Hottest Brands, an Ad Age Insights global report that tells the stories of 30 brands succeeding on a global, regional and local level.

The goal was not to create a list of the largest global marketers or rank the brands that contribute the most to their company's market value -- plenty of others tackle those lofty questions. Rather, we sought to chronicle the brands percolating at the local and regional level; sometimes great marketing lessons can happen in your backyard, sometimes halfway around the world.