About us

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Penny Pullan founded Making Projects Work Ltd. to focus on solutions to make projects and programmes work

For years, Penny wondered what made the difference between projects that soared and those that never took off. She gathered up the things that helped and discarded those that didn’t.

Penny’s quest started during research in Engineering and followed her to Logica, AstraZeneca and Mars Inc. During her travels, she experienced small projects (e.g. new systems for planning a factory) and huge programmes (e.g. cultural change in cocoa farming communities in West Africa).

Over and over again, she found project success came when people worked together with:

o a clear, shared vision and purpose
o commitment, with accountability
o openness
o trust

Penny learned facilitation skills and found that these were invaluable to her project work. She travelled the world for Mars Inc. consulting internally on making projects work. She developed project ma