The Concept Jam | Social Signal

Posted on by Brandon Klein

Find the social media concept that creates value for your team and audience

We'll engage your team in finding the best opportunity and concept for your social media venture. The Concept Jam is a workshop-driven process that culminates in the delivery of a high-value concept uniquely tailored to your organization’s goals, audiences and strengths. You'll get:

* A concept that sets your social media presence apart from the pack: a vision for the combination of content, tools and relationships that give your audiences a reason to visit and contribute to your social media presence.
* Enhanced capacity to understand and work with social media among the team members who participate in our day-long workshop that demonstrates how the best practices and examples of social media apply to your organization’s goals, audiences and strengths.

* A set of ideas and options for using social media to build value in your organization; a typical workshop yields 50-100 ideas