SimplyBox - Think Inside the Box

Posted on by Brandon Klein

The most visual free service to Capture, Organize, and Share anything you find on the web.
Simple, yet powerful, collaboration around the content YOU find!

SimplyBox's "Boxes" are key to enabling decentralized contextual collaboration. A "Box" includes conversations and content about a topic. And a box can be shared with as many people as needed. SimplyBox users tend to have multiple boxes, about different topics, and shared with different groups. SimplyBox 2.0 allows users to place boxes on top of pages of Enterprise systems. A user will have some boxes on top of ERP, others on top of a Portal or a Report, and so on. And as they place these boxes on top of these systems they are bringing content and collaboration within the context of the different systems they are interacting with. And as they re-visit these systems, their boxes and their content will be there available to enable collaboration.